The Joy of Couric and Kondo

Hearing Marie Kondo answer questions about tidying is to a 35-year-old woman with a basement full of crap like me what meeting Alanis Morissette and talking about getting dumped would have been to 13-year-old me. On the Katie Couric podcast, Kondo answers questions with a translator, but it sure sparked some freaking joy for me... Continue Reading →

What Is Why Oh Why?

When I started dating my husband in 2001, when we were sophomores in college, neither of us even had a cell phone. It would be three years before we even had our own flip phones. We flirted over Instant Messenger, called each other’s parents’ phones when we were home on breaks, and went on dates... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons I Love By the Book

In one of my favorite new podcasts, By the Book, real-life friends and co-hosts Jolenta Greenberg and Kristen Meinzer read a self-help book and then try to live by it to the letter for two weeks. They record their struggles, victories, and unexpected reactions and then recap in a funny, smart podcast that’s as much... Continue Reading →

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