You Must Change Your Life: Saying Goodbye to the Dear Sugars Podcast

  The Dear Sugars podcast has only been on since 2014, but their advice feels like it’s been a constant for me much longer. When it debuted, I was a brand new mom to an infant, living two thousand miles away from my family, and looking for wisdom and assurance about surviving life’s most seismic... Continue Reading →


The Joy of Couric and Kondo

Hearing Marie Kondo answer questions about tidying is to a 35-year-old woman with a basement full of crap like me what meeting Alanis Morissette and talking about getting dumped would have been to 13-year-old me. On the Katie Couric podcast, Kondo answers questions with a translator, but it sure sparked some freaking joy for me... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons I Love By the Book

In one of my favorite new podcasts, By the Book, real-life friends and co-hosts Jolenta Greenberg and Kristen Meinzer read a self-help book and then try to live by it to the letter for two weeks. They record their struggles, victories, and unexpected reactions and then recap in a funny, smart podcast that’s as much... Continue Reading →

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