Pop Culture Happy Hour: Panel Chemistry and No Snobbery

  NPR’s roundtable discussion of what to watch, read, and listen to is my go-to podcast for discovering what’s worth being on my precious post-kid-bedtime-binge-list, but it’s also more than that. The panelists do such a good job of talking about pop culture’s role in our lives:  its importance in making us feel less alone,... Continue Reading →


6 Podcasts on Work and Parenting That Don’t Use the Phrase “Work-Life Balance” Like It’s A Real Thing

Maybe you have a fulfilling, financially lucrative, and flexible work situation. Maybe you have a kid who sleeps through the night, doesn’t nurse like a starving pterodactyl and never gets sick with the kid puking plague. Maybe you’ve reached that mythical asymptotic place on the curve of work and kids that gets as close to having it down as it possibly gets. Or maybe you’re more like me and literally every woman I know when it comes to work and kids:

Why The F Do I Love WTF?

I’ve been having a hard time nailing down what it is about WTF with Marc Maron that I love so much, but let me try.   He’ll sometimes meander into a four minute story about some divey place he used to do standup or some guitar he’s trying to find strings for, or he’ll skip talking... Continue Reading →


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