Podcasts I’m Looking Forward To in 2020

January 1 always feels like…a lot. Today, my husband is working an afternoon and evening shift, my kids are sick, and my house is a serious explosion of tiny toys, cardboard, crumbs, and sweated-in holiday clothes piled in corners. You need distraction from this mess! You need to be immersed in drama, dive deep into motivating self-improvement, travel back in time, and escape into 90s rapper murders while you take a freaking jog around the block/clean out the Christmas Eve leftovers from the fridge/drive across town to get yourself a sweater that fits at 75% off.

Here are the new-to-me podcasts I’m looking forward to this year:

The Dream Season 2: Season 1 on MLM’s had me GASPING in surprise, riding the roller coaster of emotions and you’ve-got-to-be-kidding feelings. I couldn’t stop talking about it. Season 2 is on the wellness industry, and I’m here for the myth-busting, deep dives, and host Jean-Marie’s particular style of taking us along for the ride on her reporting. 

Slow Burn Season 3: Seasons 1 and 2 on Watergate and the Clinton impeachment made me question everything I thought I knew about those eras and their impact on everything imperfect and horrifying happening today. Season 3 is on the deadly rivalry between Biggie and Tupac, another era of history I learned about initially by overhearing other kids talking about it on the school bus (we didn’t have Google then, ok?). 

Motherhacker: Moonface got me back on the original audio fiction train, and I remembered how immersive and addicting they can be. I’m here for this one, about a mom who becomes involved in an identity theft ring. 

1619: This NYTimes podcast starts at the beginning, when the first slave ship arrived in America, and complicated violence and dark history that’s endemic to America in the 400 years since. 

Ear Hustle: This podcast, recorded by inmates in the San Quentin prison, has been on my to-listen list for a long time. I’ve never been anything but totally immersed in and impressed by Radiotopia’s shows, and I’m looking forward to hearing these award-winning stories. 

The Catch and Kill Podcast: Rounding out my intense-subject-matter list. Host and author of the Catch and Kill book Ronan Farrow was one of the most riveting Fresh Air guests I listened to on 2019, and I’ve heard this podcast is a place for even more deep dives into the dark truths Farrow uncovered than he had room for in his book. 

Don’t Keep Your Day Job: I just started listening to the first few episodes of this one, and I’m hooked. Cathy Heller talks to all kinds of creative people about how they figured out a way to make money from their creative passions. She pushes all her guests to offer actionable, practical advice and creates such an inspiring community to go along with the podcast, and I’m in binge-mode with the back catalog already. 

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