From Weinstein to Wonder Woman: 2017 in 10 Podcast Episodes

Dear Sugars: Hillary Clinton: Hillary helps the Sugars answer a letter from a woman who faces what they call the “double bind of female ambition.” If so much of 2017’s politics felt achingly personal, or if you ever wrote Hillary a letter asking for advice in your head, this one’s for you.

Why Oh Why: Dudes in Bars on January 21, 2017: On the day of the Women’s March, 10 women in 10 different cities talk feminism with…dudes in bars. If you’ve ever tried to do the same thing and felt weird, disappointed, awkward, or confused afterward, give this one a listen. And maybe bring your own cocktail to ugly cry into.

Pop Culture Happy Hour’s Wonder Woman Episode: I cried during the battle scenes in Wonder Woman because I’d never seen anything in a movie like them. The attention to every detail, the joy the panel conveys, and the smart, funny, emotional conversation in this episode  is everything that’s right with the world when everything else feels icky and wrong. 

Pod Save The People: Bonus Pod: Charlottesville: Host and Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson interviews the UVA college students who stood toe to toe with white supremacists.  The bravery and maturity of these young people is astonishing and inspiring. At first I wrote “college kids” and then deleted it. They’re a lot of things, but they’re definitely not kids. 

Longform #269: Jodi Kantor: Even in the face of incredible systemic resistance, Jodi Kantor refused to give up on the Harvey Weinstein story, and she changed the world with her work. Journalists like her are such badasses, and hearing her tell the story in her own voice gave me goosebumps. 

Terry Crews on Anna Faris is Unqualified: How do I explain what happens in this interview? Terry Crews kinda opens a vein, about his own failures and mistakes, about what he thinks is bullshit about the NFL, and about men’s need to step up and be feminists, but in this high-energy, try-to-keep-up, all-over-the-place-but-totally-riveting way.

Lovett or Leave It: Roll Tidings of Comfort and Joy: Listening to the joy and incredulity in the voices of the Pod Save America guys on the night Doug Jones won the Alabama Senate race is all I need to fuel another Sisyphean six months of making bff’s with the interns in my Senator’s office. There was some circa-2008-level-hope in their voices that night you rarely hear from these guys.

Martha Stewart Speaks Her Mind: Martha’s just having none of your whining, about this year or any year. She’s got peacocks to tend to, she’s got life-changingly-delicious cider to brew, she’s got Snoop Dogg collaborations to do. She also hates Donald Trump, and you’ve just got to hear her Martha takedown of him, with its perfect consonant pronunciation and monotone-burn like no other.

Death Sex and Money: Who’s Driving Your Uber?: Anna Sale somehow tells the story of all the hustles that have ever been hustled, all the dreams ever deferred, and all the people who are keeping on keeping on in these mini-interviews with Uber drivers in the Bay Area.

Patton Oswalt on Fresh Air: Oswalt tells the story of his wife’s sudden death and the dark period that followed, the superhuman strength he somehow found to help his daughter through her grief when he could barely function through his own, and the impossible joy of finding love again with an honesty, humor, and grace that will stay with you long after the interview is over. And he’s also got a weird, gross metaphor for what it’s like to have to tell Trump jokes in 2017.

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