Easier Than Joining a Gym or Being A Nicer Person: My 2018 Podcast Resolutions

The last week of December is for eating cookies and thinking about self-improvement! These are my podcast-related goals for 2018:

Listen to More Fiction Podcasts: I love reading fiction and used to be in the habit of listening to The New Yorker Fiction Podcast and Selected Shorts when I had a long commute. I just finished the 36 Questions Musical Podcast and was amazed at how much I missed listening to fiction and how happy it made me. Resolutions should be all about more of things that make you happy, so more of this. The New York Times has a great list of new fiction possibilities here.

Try a Player Besides Apple Podcasts: It’s the only player I’ve ever used, and it’s starting to feel a little cluttered and awkward. That could definitely be more me (ahem, see post-Christmas-house-full-of-junk) than the app, but it’s worth trying some others to see how they help organize content and help me find new things to listen to. 

Hunt Down a Live Show: I love how live shows give you a chance to see a slightly less edited version of your favorite shows and to hear hosts interact with audience members. Bonus if it’s a good excuse to get to a city I’ve been meaning to visit, extra bonus if it’s at one of these cool festivals.

Host a Podcast Brunch Club: My plan is to just steal my existing book club’s email list, add a link to a thought-provoking, discussion-inducing podcast, and buy some mimosa stuff. Worst case: I don’t get around to organizing this and I drink a mimosa in my PJ’s and join the New York Times Podcast Club. So really there is no worst case in this situation. 

Organize Some Playlists: I love a good themed Spotify playlist. I have one for general difficult things in life, one for upbeat cleaning, one for kinda sad cleaning, one for chill taking my time cooking, and one for dishwashing. My podcasts live in an ever-expanding, unorganized list and I have to do some quick what-podcast-mood-am-I-in math every time I choose one. I’m thinking a murder-themed list, an advice-themed list, and an interview-shows-themed list to start.


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