The Joy of Couric and Kondo

Hearing Marie Kondo answer questions about tidying is to a 35-year-old woman with a basement full of crap like me what meeting Alanis Morissette and talking about getting dumped would have been to 13-year-old me. On the Katie Couric podcast, Kondo answers questions with a translator, but it sure sparked some freaking joy for me listening to her laugh and get super excited talking about rolling up her clothes and reading feng shui magazines as a kid.

If, like me, you read Kondo’s book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, enjoyed spending 200 pages immersed in her inimitable joy in creating order, and still think every so often about her weird tricks like thanking your clothes for teaching you something and emptying out your entire purse every single night, you will love this podcast. It was actually recorded inside Katie Couric’s (bedroom-sized) closet. The next time The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up comes up with your mother’s book club friends or your much-tidier-than-you coworker Tracy, you can share the following fascinating facts about the world’s most famous Japanese professional organizer:

  • She is four foot eight inches tall
  • She keeps almost no sentimental objects, but she has a set of antique tongs
  • She only wears white when she’s working
  • She bought her first pair of jeans last year and only wore, I guess, skirts and dresses before that.
  • She’s now training an army of people who get certified in her method
  • The word for “wow” in Japanese is…wow
  • She admits things are not as perfect now that she has two kids, but her two-year-old knows how to fold things.

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